We are China Electromotor. 
China's first post-punk Berlin-step band. 
Demo on Bandcamp coming soon.
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Once in a blue moon, a groove-shaking band comes along that reimagines the way bohemian thrash punk is consumed. China Electromotor is that band. 

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Infused with Euro-llence

Euro-llence is a portmanteau of European and Excellence, and these are the two constituent components that make up China Electromotor. Continue reading below if you dare. 

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This year's Lineup

  • Panel Style

    different borders

    Our guitars are our red rockets, they poke out our pockets.

  • Parallax

    background effect

    Amazing and incredible, our style is delectable.

  • Slideset

    bonus style

    We crush, kill, maim and destroy.

  • Image Sources

    fully editable

    Our active armies we wait to deploy.
  • UIkit


    full integration

    Including everything but materializing at the last moment.
  • Handdrawn


    neat styling

    We damage mics and eviscerate opponents.
  • Style Variations

    Style Variations

    eight included

    We are China Electromotor, and we are coming for YOU!
  • Warp7

    Warp 7

    theme framework



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